January 30, 2024

Podcasting with Mr. Smit Vyas, Principal Architect of Studio 4000

This article is a summary of the podcast we had with Mr. Smit Vyas, Principal Architect of Studio 4000

This article is a summary of the podcast we had with Mr. Smit Vyas, Principal Architect of Studio 4000 and how along his journey the architect learned not just about sketching and that there are learning even from the least expected places and people.

Venturing into the heart of architectural philosophy, He underscores the significance of sketching and on-site experiences in the design process. He draws parallels between the act of sketching, reflecting on one's work, and the architectural journey itself. The studio's creations, including student projects and travel sketches, become mirrors reflecting the inherent style of the architects. He advocates for the indispensable role of site visits, emphasising the studio's commitment to honesty with clients, even if it involves revisiting plans and embracing flexibility and adaptability.

He goes on to explain the importance of accepting changes in architectural design based on site visits and the gap between imagined architecture and actual construction. He emphasises the need for designers to have the courage and humility to correct mistakes for the benefit of the project. Vyas shares his personal experience with the classic project Fatehpur Sikri, which he visited multiple times throughout his life, each time gaining new insights and appreciation for its timeless design. He then raises the question of whether there are designs, like Fatehpur Sikri, that are truly timeless and whether that is the case with modernist designs.

The conversation expands to discuss the studio's appreciation for a world where architectural styles and time periods coalesce harmoniously. 

A pivotal moment in the podcast unfolds as Mr. Vyas narrates an anecdote of collaboration with a craftsman. This experience becomes emblematic of the studio's acknowledgment of the invaluable contributions of skilled craftsmen, emphasising the symbiotic relationship between architectural vision and craftsmanship.

In a conversation about projects, he takes us on a journey through the Castle and the Sun project. The dry landscapes of North Central Gujarat become not just a backdrop but an influential force shaping the architects' approach to design. The conversation touches on the delicate dance between regional heritage and contemporary innovation, a balance that defines the studio's distinctive touch.

Along with being a principal architect, he is also a professor at CEPT university and in the realm of design education, he shares his experience of learning by doing, creating exercises for students, and fostering innovative design ideas. He emphasises that teaching is not just for students but is primarily for his own self-growth, highlighting the unique and rewarding process of design education.

Smit Vyas's architectural odyssey, as unveiled in these insightful segments, transcends mere design principles. It is a journey marked by craftsmanship, collaboration, and a deep connection to the essence of space.

You can listen to the entire conversation here:

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